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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Springwood's Atrium in JuneAs you enter through the iron gate and stone pillars of Springwood, you enter a kind of natural Pennsylvanian paradise. The long black-top drive lined with a rare assortment of trees opens to a circular drive, the estate manor, and a two-tiered parking area.

If it's spring, summer, or fall, flowers will greet you, sprinkled through the lawn and peaking from window boxes. Cozy gazebos and large wooden swings also dot the grounds. The front entrance is canopied year round, alongside our "Glass Atrium," an elegant glass conservatory in which to view the natural surroundings during all seasons.

The Glass Atrium
The "Atrium" is a magnificent glass conservatory that provides shelter and warmth for fall and winter events, an air-conditioned dining area for summer events, and an elegant ballroom for viewing the natural surroundings year round. The Atrium was constructed in the winter of 2001, replacing and using a portion of the original Belgian-block driveway.

Click on the photo of the atrium to see more views of this beautiful dining area: Springwood's Glass Atrium with its mesmerizing chandelier.

The Atrium adjoins the Manor at the site of the original 18 foot-wide garage door (which remains functional) although little else will remind you of the room's former function. Instead, inside the Manor, you will continue to be warmed by the large log-burning fireplace with flagstone hearth, the hardwood floors, and the wall of windows that look out to the expansive rear deck. This large Manor reception room can function as a dance floor for wedding receptions and other social events or as an extension of the atrium seating for dining. The hub of Springwood's inhouse sound system can be found in this area along with a Yamaha piano, which can record music while it's played or act as a computerized player-piano.

Above the dining area in the Atrium is a balcony used primarily for welcoming guests or toasting the newly married couple
...or for yet another great picture!

Vaulted-ceiling Pavilion
The vaulted-ceiling Pavilion (2014) has already been witness to many wedding receptions and other social and business events on Springwood grounds, and continues to enhance the experience of Springwood's guests year round. This awesome structure, standing higher than the Glass Atrium, covers a side-yard patio that is east of the Manor and adjacent to the Glass Atrium. The Pavilion is used on those rare occasions when we must move an outdoor wedding ceremony to shelter. More often, however, a dance floor, lights, cocktail tables and chairs transform the area to a wonderful outdoor ballroom for dancing. Occasionally, couples extend their seating to the Pavilion to handle more guests as well. With the Pavilion, the Glass Atrium and primary reception area can accommodate up to 225 guests, with dancing either inside or under the stars. For events with a guest count beyond 225, we recommend renting an additional tent on the Pavilion's patio and have established relationships to effect this expansion.

Three-Tiered Deck
The three-tiered rear deck is one of the most striking features of the estate. Brides and grooms frequently descend the stairway from the upper level to meet their guests outdoors for the first time. With family and friends surrounding them, the deck is often the site of a toast from the upper level, the first dance on the lower stone patio, or the cake-cutting before proceeding into the atrium. Running the entire length of the Manor, the deck's floor was constructed right around red pine and maple trees growing close to the house. The exits on each end of the deck assure a seamless flow for the event, regardless of the site of the ceremony.
During the day, the trees provide spots of shade on the sunny deck that faces the wooded estate grounds. The stone patio that extends from the deck is the site of many weddings. At night, carriage lights on the deck and patio create a warm, inviting glow. It is this three-tiered deck that makes Springwood so perfect for social gatherings--to welcome guests, renew friendships and encourage connections.

The death of one of the trees near the deck provided a sculpting ground for more natural wonders. Keeping the trunk intact, the owners commissioned two local "tree artists" to carve animals into the trunk with chain saws. A carved great-horned owl is perched atop one of the trees that holds more owls, a raccoon and squirrels along its trunk, and two wooden bears cling to the trunk of another tree nearby. What a great remembrance of Springwood!

The Granite Bar
This is the primary in-house bar where bartenders serve beverages throughout events. Not only is there an entrance from the deck into the Manor at this site (allowing guests to move freely through the Granite Bar throughout the event), but there are also windows that open onto the deck, allowing bartenders to serve guests more efficiently from the deck as well as from inside the house and inside the bar. This cedar-paneled "Granite Bar" is frequently used as a coffee station as well.

First Floor

Inside the house, the cherry wood paneling on the ceiling and walls of the first floor glow from an old-fashioned concoction of one part turpentine, one part vinegar, and one part boiled linseed oil. The parlor area off the granite bar flows easily into the sitting room area, home to a second large log-burning fireplace. The first floor also contains a foyer, three bathrooms (one of which is handicap-accessible) and a new commercial kitchen, which is the province of Chef Wayne, preparing food on-site for Springwood and Villa events. And, of course, there is the Glass Atrium and adjacent dance floor described above.

Conference Rooms - Second Floor
On the second floor, five additional rooms are available for event guests. Each room is beautifully decorated in rich, natural colors with scalloped drapery framing the windows and wooden conference tables. These rooms are sometimes used for conference and/or break-out rooms and sometimes for pre-ceremony preparation rooms. The Front Gallery has most recently been converted to an office while the Board Room is suitable for group meetings of ten to twelve. The largest of the second-floor conference rooms is the Great Room, comfortably holding about 35 people. It contains a marble working fireplace and has direct access to the upper level of the rear deck and direct access to the balcony overlooking the atrium dining area. A study area with a large picture window overlooking the rear deck and grounds, a lounge area, and two additional bathrooms complete the upstairs.

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