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Wedding spaces: Garden Square

"The Garden Square" is a 70' x 70' outdoor area that has been the site of many beautiful ceremonies and other outdoor celebrations. Created from the area that was formerly the site of Mr. Hoechstetter's two large greenhouses, it is below ground level by about ten feet.

The Square can be entered by two sets of stairs. The groom's entrance is an original cut-stone stairway while the bride, bridesmaids, mothers and guests typically enter by way of a wide flagstone and wooden staircase that is flanked at the bottom on two sides by retaining walls. A third side of the Square is bounded by an existing block building which is lined by a natural arbor leading to the pergola, the site where many couples have solemnly exchanged vows to each other. The garden square is handicap-accessible via an entrance from a service road that, if taken to its end, will lead to the Villa.

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Garden Square Bride's Stairway

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