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Springwood Photo Album

Springwood's Photo Album is full of memories from years and events past. Weddings on the stone patio, in the garden square or at a gazebo, receptions on the 3-tier deck, indoor/outdoor dining in the atrium and on the tented patio...and everywhere you turn, a great picture. Open these pages and take a few moments to browse through our photo album for ideas for your own event.

The House and Deck
The house's rich colors, warm cherry paneling, beamed ceilings and fireplaces create an inviting and intimate atmosphere.

The Grounds
Springwood's beautiful gazebos, large observation deck, wooden swings and footpaths allow you to take in the natural outdoor setting and serene environment.

The Seasons:Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter

Spring wildflowers, blazing fall colors, and blankets of snow give Springwood new faces and make it the perfect setting for events year-round.

Ideas for your event
From creative use of spaces for ceremonies, music, and our in-house food service to elegant linens and table settings: view examples of how previous events have taken advantage of Springwood's natural beauty.

*Floral Accents
Flowers are integral to the Springwood experience. For detailed specifications on the use of flowers at Springwood, see the Springwood spiral book named le fleur.
[*Click on Springwood le fleur. Then turn the pages by grabbing and dragging each page at the corner with your mouse; or click on the corner of the page to proceed forward or backward.]

Your wedding is a life-changing event. Make the ceremony and reception a special gift to those you care about. . . an invitation to share in these magical moments of your life together.

Everywhere you look there is a picture

Springwood Reviews
A few of the countless thank you notes (with photos) received by Springwood over the last decade.

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