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The Villa @ Springwood: Total Springwood Experience

Very often bridesmaids stay overnight at the Villa the night before the ceremony and reception and have hair and make-up done all together at the Villa on the morning of the big day. Springwood staff can help identify private make-up artists and beauticians who will come to the Villa and style hair as well as give manicures, pedicures, and even facials and relaxing massages. This is a time to share and a time for solitude, a time to laugh and a time to remember. There is space at the Villa for both. Brides who reserve the Villa for such preparation can proceed to have their wedding ceremony and reception at the Villa or separately lease Springwood Manor for their ceremony and/or reception.

Both sites--Springwood Manor (w glass atrium) and the Villa at Springwood (w spectacular waterfalls)--have photo opportunities everywhere. Each package is amazing...and is designed to help you have a total Springwood experience.

Hair and Make-up Preparation at the Villa

The Bride

The Bride

The Flower Child

The Flower Child

Ready for the Dress

Ready for the Dress

Fun Altogether

Make-up for Everyone

The Eyes Have It

The Eyes...yes, the Eyes!

Together and Ready at Springwoood Manor

Together & Ready
at Springwood Manor

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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